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To assure to their customers the best use of Strato®, we provide a technical support service. We are also vailable to suggestions and needs of each individual user, for this lStrato® is constantly updated and improved. Techincal support is a paid service for duration of one year but is provided free for the first six months after purchasing.


Telephone and internet assistence. This service is provided on all working days, except Saturday, from 8:30am to 12:30am and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm and will be temporarily suspended during fairs and holidays. Software updating directly from our downloads area. New Strato® releases during the period covered by contract.


What is it: Remote support is a tool that allows to speed up problems resolution because it shortens waiting time for sending e-mail. This allows us to see and operate directly on the customer's computer.

What I need: To get started you need a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and a fast Internet connection (ADSL or similar). Then, for the operations of tele-assistance will be prompted to install an ActiveX control (only the first time) or an application (each time).

Security: All remote control sessions have a 256-bit encryption AES end-to-end and strict security measures implemented refuse unauthorized access to data, applications and systems. The authorization to tele-assistance should be provided at each connection, and the customer has the opportunity to end the remote control session at any time.