immagine assistenza
guida non in linea

If no operator is available for remote support, you will see the image shown on the right.

guida in linea

If an operator is available, the button will look like this and you can click it to start a remote support session.

guida all'assistenza

Once clicked it will open a window similar to the one shown on the left. The left panel side is occupied by the private chat that allows text communication between customer and operator. From text box, you can enter the text that will be sent to the assistant by clicking the "Send" button or by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. After sending the message, it will appear in the top frame with those sent by the assistant. In this area you can see all the authorization requests for the remote control, for the voice support activation or for the acceptance of files sent from the assistant.

guida all'assistenza

The main demands that will be displayed in this section are four:

  • View of customer screen.
  • Use of customer’s computer.
  • Displaying the remote assistant.
  • Enable the voice support (if you have headphone and microphone connected to the PC).